At Cloud International, we champion Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) to drive innovation in the markets we service.
Our commitment extends to
fostering creativity, building resilient communities, and promoting EDI within our organization and the broader tech industry.

Driving Change

Our consultants are dedicated advocates for diversity in the tech industry, driven by personal experiences and a commitment to fostering inclusivity.

Unbiased, Fair, Equitable, and Inclusive Recruitment

Here’s how we always ensure our services remain unbiased, fair, equitable, and inclusive:

Diverse Talent Pool: 

Proactively seek out and engage diverse candidates

Inclusive Advert Writing:

Using gender-neutral language and feature inclusive requirements

In-depth CV Reviews

Going beyond skill matching to ensure a wider variety of applicant

Implicit Bias Training

Our Consultant are trained to reduce unconscious bias and train our partners on doing the same

Inclusive Partnerships:

We partner with organizations promoting diversity in tech, actively seeking opportunities to amplify underrepresented voices.

Networking and Outreach:

Our specialized Consultants actively engage with diverse candidates through extensive networks, ensuring a consistent talent pipeline for our clients

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BCG study: Diverse
companies earn 19% more
revenue from innovation.

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Top quartile gender-
diverse companies had
a 25% higher chance of
exceeding average
profitability, according
to McKinsey’s analysis.

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In a Harvard Business Review
study, diverse companies
showed a 70% higher
likelihood of capturing new
markets, according to
employee reports

Partnership is key!

We closely collaborate with clients, tailoring our approach to understand their unique needs, values, and goals in acquiring diverse talent.

Recognizing the diverse meanings and priorities for each business, we employ effective strategies in our partnership

Customized Diversity Solutions:

Recognize that diversity goals differ among organizations, with some prioritizing gender diversity and others emphasizing ethnic or cultural diversity. We customize our recruitmentstrategy to align with each client’s specific goals and values.

Inclusive Consultation:

We prioritize openness and inclusivity in client engagements by actively incorporating diversity objectives, concerns, and aspirations into the recruitment process, effectively supporting our client’s vision and diversity initiatives

Clarifying Expectations:

We ensure clear communication with clients on diversity expectations in talent acquisition, setting realistic goals and benchmarks for progress measurement

Educational Resources:

We provide clients with educational resources, including case studies, best practices, and industry trends, to enhance their understanding of workplace diversity and inclusion, empowering them to make informed decisions

Measuring Success:

Define diversity recruitment success metrics, track candidate demographics, retention rates, and employee satisfaction to assess progress and identify areas for improvement

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